Upcoming Update 22.2 class balance changes preview

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      Hi, folks.

      As SSG has been promising, they’re working on the initial set of class balance changes. The first cut at it is documented below, and the first test build of this has just gone live on Bullroarer (the public test server):


      Initial impression: there’s a lot of work done here! My gut reaction is that this is largely positive, but it will be a significant change. The devs have created specific forum posts asking for feedback on each affected class, which is a good thing IMO.

      On that note – this is going to impact many classes significantly, including which line you want to run and how you set up your LIs in many cases. I’d encourage you to read through the release notes to see how that may impact your decisions.

      Major caveat of course – this is the first test build. There will almost certainly be tweaks and changes before this goes live.


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