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      Hello Kinnies,

      Here is a link to the most recent LOTRO Executive Producer’s Letter: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?569037-Summer-LOTRO-Executive-Producer%E2%80%99s-Letter. If I’ve read this correctly, it looks like the server merges will happen in September. If I’ve understood this correctly, they’ll actually announce which serves will be closed at some point next month. They’re working on mechanics so that kinships can move effectively to their new location.

      I’d like to remind everyone, they’ve not listed which servers are closing and ours might not be one of them. However, just so you know, we’ve made an agreement with our alliance partners that if Meneldor should be named to close down, that we’ll attempt to move the whole alliance en-masse to a new server so that we can remain together. As I find out more information, I’ll let you know.



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      Hey Gui,just to ask you when you mean the whole alliance it means everybody from the kin including there characters and there accounts?
      Just asking.

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        As Mirv said, it means that the allied kinships are hoping to go to the same servers together if Meneldor were to shut down. However, individual players in each kinship can choose to go elsewhere if they like. We’ve made some good friends within the Eagles and within the alliance, so we’re just hoping to go somewhere together! :)


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      The whole alliance means our allied kinships:
      – Bringers of Light
      – Tenacity Folk of Middle Earth
      – Rangers of the Black Watch
      – Dwellers of the Old Forest

      We communicate with them through teb-talk chat channel.

      See https://www.eaglesofthorondor.com/faq/new-members/ for more details, and how to join the chat channel.

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