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      Hail Eagles!

      Luri did some emergency maintenance on the website today. (It was planned maintenance, but brought forward in a hurry. We’re having a bit of a snow situation on the East Coast of England; he can’t get into work because the UK doesn’t understand snow, so he had the time today. Anyway.)

      We’ve had a poke around and everything seems ok, but if you notice anything weird, can’t log in to the forums, anything at all — please let me know.

      The TeamSpeak server is currently offline. It doesn’t look like anyone uses it so we were wondering if we need to reinstate it. We’ll set up a poll and you can let us know your preferences.

      Thanks all,


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      Following up on this – as we’ve already announced in-game, we’ve decided to switch from TeamSpeak to Discord. An Eagles of Thorondor Discord server is now available and the link is in the kin MOTD. Please ask on the kin channel (or any of the officers) if you need help with setup.


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