Week 1: Welcome Party

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      Dear all,

      We hope you have been enjoying LOTRO! We would like to welcome new kinnies, coursera players and congratulate those who have made it through the introduction stages.We would also like to acknowledge our existing kinnies (/wave)!

      The Eagles would like to invite you all to a friendly get-together this weekend, at our kinship house, to get to know each other, share stories, ask questions and other fun activities.

      For those of you already in the kinship, all you need to do is use your ‘travel to kinship house’ skill (the icon with a door), and it will port your straight outside our kinship house. If you are a Meneldor player, not in the kinship, please visit the homestead and enter the neighbourhood.

      Address: Breeland homesteads, Locktry neighbourhood, 1 High Road.
      Kinship house: The Eagles of Thorondor.

      Welcome party times:
      Friday at 8pm server time (you can check when this is by typing “/servertime” into your chat window, but I believe this is EST time).
      Saturday at 6am server time
      Saturday at 2pm server time.

      If you think you’ll be unable to attend the event this weekend, never fear as we’ll have another celebration next weekend!!!!

      We are looking forward to meeting you all!

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      Thanks for coming everyone!

      It was certainly an eventful Welcome party: kin house,ominous pool, sinister keg, race to second homestead and then hobnanigans!

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      Here’s some photos from the Saturday 2pm event

      • Inside the Falathorn Homestead Kinship House
      • Red scoring another goal at Hobnanigans
      • Outside the Bree Homestead Kinship House
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      Winner’s tattoo!

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      A few screenshots of the 1st and 2nd parties!
      I particularly love the one where Guivien is flying in the air ;).
      For the second party photo, Ruben is missing : was already busy moving in a new house, just next to the Klingons kin house!
      The first one is Ilia, Maed and Aquinnah relaxing on the deck behind Ilia’s alt house in Lanc Trenan.

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