Week 2: Eaglestock 26th-27th July

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      Calling all Eagles!

      You are cordially invited to our second BIG Eaglestock event, which will occur over the 26th and 27th of July.

      This event is open to ALL players of ALL levels.

      Location: Bree, Breeland.
      Times: Saturday 26th, 10am and 3pm server time and Sunday 27th, 10am server time.

      Prerequisites for this event:
      • Try and be in or around Bree the day before the event to help ease your travel to the meeting point (you may want to use your Travel to the kinship house skill).Also, you need to have completed the introduction quests.

      1. Meeting point: Prancing Pony Inn (at the times indicated)
      Participants will gather outside of the Prancing Pony while we wait for other players to arrive.
      o Notes:

      Coursera Eagles
      This event has been organised with the week 2 distinction track assignment in mind, so come along and we will help you meet that assignment while having bagfuls of fun!

      Assignment for Week 2: “If you are in one of the four Coursera kinships (Vicarious Universe on Gladden, Courserrim on Landroval, Coursera on Laurelin, or Eagles of Thorondo on Meneldor), participate in the games planned for Saturday, July 26, 2014. Take a screenshot of yourself and some of your kin mates at the games. Note: You will need a screenshot to complete the peer assessment due this week for the Distinction Track.”

      Activities include:
      1.A meet and greet-where players can get to know one another.
      2.Several photo opportunities.
      3. Main game event

      If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below or speak to Guivien (Kinship leader) or any of the kinship officers in-game.

      Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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      Need to know where The Prancing Pony is? No problem.

      Visit this site to learn more: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/The_Prancing_Pony

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      Dead excited for this event to happen!

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      Sounds like fun!

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      Unfortunately, I can’t make it at the specified times, which are midnight and 5am in Eastern Australia. I will be online and in Bree on Sunday at 10am (Melbourne – Sydney time), which is Saturday 8pm server time. If any player, aussie or not, is online at that time, send me a tell and we can do something together.

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      Shan and any other Australian Eagles, please see the following forum thread on Coursera and vote: https://class.coursera.org/onlinegames-002/forum/thread?thread_id=219. We’re trying to figure out a time that will work for Eagles staff to be present plus that will work for those of you in Australia. Thanks! :)


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      Want to know how to chat to people in-game? No problem.

      Sending a message to another player
      1. Click on the player you want to talk to so that you see a circle around them and their name comes up on your screen. Click on their name logo and you will find options. Move cursor over “chat”, you should see another option: “tell”. Click on it. In your chat window you should see “/tell (player’s name”-now you can add your message. Enter.

      2. In the chat window type “/tell (player’s name goes here) followed by what you want to say. Enter.

      IM Session
      This is where you can send private messages to individual players and have an uninterrupted conversation with them, free from any other chat.

      Once you send a tell or two to the person, you can click on the IM Session tab in the chat window. You will see the other player’s name on the right. Click on it. This opens up your chat session with them.

      Using Emotes
      Where to find them: In the chat window, where you type to talk to people, there’s a little icon bubble to the left. Click on it. It gives you an option of chat output and “emotes” will be one of them. Click on it. It will reveal several “pages” of emote actions.

      How to use them:
      1. See above. To use one click on it. The emote should come up in your chat window. Enter.
      2. In the chat window type “/(name of emote)”
      3. If you want to use an emote towards a particular person you need to click on their character so that you see the circle around them. Then type in your emote.

      Good ones to use:

      Have fun!


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      You can view and download my screenshots of the Saturday 8pm mini-event here.

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        Gorgeous images, Ala! If you don’t mind. I’ll add them to the gallery page for the world to see.

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        Sure Saed! That’d be an honour.

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      Family pic
      1800s Portrait
      Horse race

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      Here’s some of my favourites that I’ve added to the flickr pool.

      There’s a video to follow, I hope to have it out by today.

      EagleStock - Coursera 2014

      EagleStock - Coursera 2014

      EagleStock - Coursera 2014

      EagleStock - Coursera 2014

      EagleStock - Coursera 2014

      EagleStock - Coursera 2014

      EagleStock - Coursera 2014

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      Here’s a video of the Saturday 3PM event:

      If the embedded video doesn’t work, here’s a direct link: http://youtu.be/obkrj9plPEs

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      Thank you to everyone who came and participated over the Eaglestock weekend!!! It was such good fun and we have a bunch of amazing pictures, plus a cool video, to capture our fun times.

      A special thanks to those that helped organise the event and those that helped out on the day(s).

      Alassen, I love the horse line up!

      Luri, the video’s amazing…love it!!!!

      Please make sure you look out for and read information about week 3.


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      I had a lovely time doing the games on the 27th. I have plenty of screen shots for the assessment although I wasn’t quick enough on the F12 F11 after/handstand to get one of us upside down. Tonight I have three hours set aside for The Fellowship of The Rings film.I had forgotten that it was so long :)

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      Slightly self indulgent video of me running backwards through the Gates Dash course on the Sunday event.

      It’s still processing and has no music, should be ready in a short while.

      direct link to youtube video: http://youtu.be/87hzoXvkQ0E

      inline video:

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      Lol I like you running backwards xD.

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