Week 2:Eaglestock (Commencing Monday 4th May 2015)

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      Dear all,

      The Eagles of Thorondor would like to invite all of you to another fun event, which will also help coursera players complete their week 2 first distinction track peer assignment. This is another fabulous event where we come together, but this time, to enjoy the delights of Bree!

      Eaglestock is our very own kinship social event, where we get together to have some fun. Past Eaglestock events have been connected to festivals, horse racing, deeds, taking the hobbit to Isengard and many many more.

      Date: Friday 8th and Saturday 9th May 2015

      Location: Bree, Breeland

      Meeting point: Prancing Pony

      Participants will gather outside of the Prancing Pony while we wait for other players to arrive. Have a look at the link if you would like more information about one of Bree’s important locations.

      o Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/The_Prancing_Pony

      Time: Friday: Server time (EST) Evening Event 8pm

      Saturday: Server time (EST) Morning Event 6am and Afternoon Event 2pm

      Prerequisites for this event:

      Try and be in or around Bree the day before the event to help ease your travel to the meeting point.

      Coursera players’ assignment: Take a photograph of yourself at a kin event. “Finally, write an essay (200 word minimum) on your impression of the social dimension of MMOs. If you’ve played other types of online games (shooters, RPGs, etc.), feel free to compare the nature of the social interactions.” (Peer assessment section)

      Assignment due on Sun 10 May 9:59 pm

      Photo opportunity 1: Some guidance

      PC users:

      To take a screen shot: Use the Print screen key ‘Prtscn’ or F11.

      Note: To remove the UI from the screen try Ctrl+U or F12 and then the same to get it back up.

      Mac users:

      Entire screen: cmd+shift+3

      To select a certain area: cmd+shift+4

      Note: To remove the UI from the screen it’s: Ctrl+U and then the same to get it back up.

      Optional items to bring: Ale, pipe weed and fireworks!

      See you there!


      The Eagles of Thorondor

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      Here is two screenshots taken at the Sat 6am event: only 4 of us, Aquinnah, Ilia, Maed and me.

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      Here’s some from the Saturday 2PM event, a bit of everything:

      * photo op
      * by the gates for the first race
      * at the pony post event drinks

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      And some more.

      Note: Information about week 3 Eaglestock-Coursera event is up in the Coursera forum:https://class.coursera.org/onlinegames-003/forum/thread?thread_id=140

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      Two photos from the friday event.

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        I’m particularly attractive in that first photo, Yo. In other words, I approve.

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      Drunken screenshots from the party at the Prancing Pony…I may have had a bit too much to drink.

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      Plus a couple more from before I got so tipsy…

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