Week 3 (Commencing Mon 11th May) Eaglestock: Chicken Run!! Cluck cluck-tastic!

Welcome to the Eagles of Thorondor Eagles of Thorondor forums Eagles’ Events Week 3 (Commencing Mon 11th May) Eaglestock: Chicken Run!! Cluck cluck-tastic!

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      Hello there Courserans and fellow Eagles!

      We hope you had fun at the Eaglestock event. This week we have something clucktastic going on….the chicken run!!

      This event has to be by far one of my favourite events, as not only do you get to play a chicken but you are only level 1 and you end up in level 30 playing areas!!

      Chicken run information

      IMPORTANT Prerequisites: To participate in this week’s activity, players must have completed the 4 quest/instances below. Try and do them before the day of the event as these take time to complete.

      1.Quest: Which Laid First?

      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Quest:Which_Laid_First%3F

      2.Quest and session play instance: The Early Bird?

      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Quest:Instance:_The_Early_Bird

      3.Quest and session play instance: The Sky is Falling.

      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Quest:Instance:_The_Sky_is_Falling

      4.Session play instance: Flying the Coop (time limit 1 hour)

      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Quest:Flying_the_Coop

      Note: Starting location for all is Sandson’s Farm.

      What is Chicken Run?

      It is part of the chicken session play where players become a level 1 chicken that can then run around Middle Earth. Chicken session play is part of a quest line, which you have to unlock, and begins in The Shire at Sandson’s Farm, north of Michel Delving.

      Chicken run event: Flying the Coop-Trollshaws

      Instance: Flying the Coop-Trollshaws

      Challenge: To run from Sandson’s farm in the Shire to Rivendell, in the Trollshaws (a level 30+ area), as a level 1 chicken without dying. Once in Rivendell, you need to talk to Roheryn, a horse at the stables.

      You will have some skills: Fowl fleetness, possum impersonation, paranoia, bob and weave.
      There is a time limit: 2 hours 30 minutes
      If you die you return to Sandson’s farm as your main player
      Communication: you will be unable to talk to regular players (those that may accompany you as protection and guides) but you can speak to other chickens via a common chat channel e.g. the coursera chat channel.

      Eagles of Thorondor Chicken Run!

      Meeting place: Sandson’s Farm, Shire.

      Note: Try and be close to Michel Delving, the Shire, on the day or be in a place where you can travel there with ease.

      Event times: Friday at server time (EST) 8pm, Saturday at server time (EST) 6am and server time (EST) 2pm.

      If you need anymore information, post below or ask in kin chat.

      Good luck and have fun!


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      Hats off to whoever came up with this idea! Being a chicken is freaking awesome! I gotta get the other guy ready in case i’m indoors at the saturday time.
      TY For chicken run !!!


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      Nine chickens took the road at Sandson’s farm for Rivendell, on this Friday evening.
      We stopped at Bree gate and on the bridge to the Trollshaws. Unfortunately, only 6 made it to the stables.

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      (cross posted to the coursera form)

      Here’s photos from the 6AM event, 2 out of 3 chickens made it (me and Vydra). We only lost Maedhirhen because her timer ran out and she became one of the big folk again (which meant we gained another protector!)

      Thank you to all our protectors: Mirveth, Ilianore and Maedhirien!


      Luringdad Level100 | Burrahobbit | Eagles of Thorondor (Meneldor) 

      At the Sandson Farm, the Shire

      Boar fountain, Bree

      Chicken Parkour (or is it Pokour?)

      The last bridge

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      Crossed posted to coursera:

      We converted our last event into the Eagle’s own brand of chicken run: Tough Chick. Which is the same event without protectors. Lost 3 (me [twice], Saedhillihen and Sansahen) chickens, but pleased to report that Aglarhen, Neemrielhen, Egg Samwich, Cayhen and Nimgallhen survived.

      Luringdad Level100 | Burrahobbit | Eagles of Thorondor (Meneldor) 

      Photo Op on the stage in Bree
      Tough Chicks

       Synchronised Possuming
      Synchronised Possuming

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      Here are my pictures!

      Glad you could make it as either protector or chicken ;)

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      And some more from the Saturday 2pm run ;)

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      And here are some of my pictures of the Saturday 2 pm chicken run event. It was fun! :-)

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