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      Hello Eagles!

      This event is open to ALL players! Chicken runs will be held at the following times:

      Friday at 3pm server time
      Saturday at 8pm server time
      Sunday at 10am server time

      Over the course of this week coursera players need to work towards their second important in-game assignment: The Chicken Run!

      The official Chicken Runs will take place over the 1st-3rd of August but before we cluck cluck with bird fever, there are a few things players need to do in order to prepare for the event. Please read the following information:

      Prerequisites: To participate in this week’s activity, players must have completed the 4 quest/instances below.

      1.Quest: Which Laid First?
      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Quest:Which_Laid_First%3F

      2.Quest and session play instance: The Early Bird?
      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Quest:Instance:_The_Early_Bird

      3.Quest and session play instance: The Sky is Falling.
      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Quest:Instance:_The_Sky_is_Falling

      4.Session play instance: Flying the Coop (time limit 1 hour)
      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Quest:Flying_the_Coop

      Note: Starting location for all is Sandson’s Farm.

      Not sure what any of this means? Ok, no worries:

      What is Chicken Run?
      It is part of the chicken session play where players become a level 1 chicken that can then run around Middle Earth. Chicken session play is part of a quest line, which you have to unlock, and begins in The Shire at Sandson’s Farm, north of Michael Delving.

      Chicken run event: Flying the Coop-Trollshaws
      Instance: Flying the Coop-Trollshaws

      Challenge: To run from Sandson’s farm in the Shire to Rivendell, in the Trollshaws (a level 30+ area), as a level 1 chicken without dying. Once in Rivendell, you need to talk to Roheryn, a horse at the stables.

      o You will have some skills: Fowl fleetness, possum impersonation, paranoia, bob and weave.
      o There is a time limit: 2 hours 30 minutes
      o If you die you return to Sandson’s farm as your main player
      o Communication: you will be unable to talk to regular players (those that may accompany you as protection and guides) but you can speak to other chickens via a common chat channel e.g. the coursera chat channel.

      Eagles of Thorondor Chicken Run!

      Meeting place: Sandson’s Farm, Shire.
      Note: If players have trouble finding Sandson’s farm, head to Michael Delving and we can send an officer to collect you.

      This is a clucktastic experience!


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      Saedhillihen found the pre-req quests very stressful. She doesn’t like being a chicken. Luckily some lovely, lovely people guarded her through scary territory.

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      If you’re wondering how hardcore you can get with the chicken run, read towards the end of this useful post: http://tweaklotro.wordpress.com/2014/07/05/mother-hens-chicken-guide/

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      My experience last year:

      I died several times trying to solo it, lol!
      Then I hooked up with Elenistari chicken and bit the dirt when a vicious bear got me at the Ford.

      Then I joined up with the gang and had a hilarious time running around the place, not having to worry too much about bears as our protectors were there. It was the Rivendell bridge that became my enemy…almost at the finish line I fell off the bridge!!! Luckily I didn’t die and managed to swim to safety but PHEW!!


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      Cadalirr kicking me offCadalirr kicking me off

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      Here’s my photos on the flickr pool. I’ll release a video later on Sundayish.

      At the last bridge

      Look at the wall of protectors!

      Kes is about this grab this chicken!

      Thankfully it was day time when we made it through the Trollshaws

      Friday Chicken Run

      Friday Chicken Run

      Almost there!

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      More Images
      Chicken run through Bree
      At the Last Bridge

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      Copy and paste http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198034121217/screenshots to see Thurin’s photos :).


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      just fixed Thurin’s post! weblink should be working now!

      Also here’s the youtube links for the videos I’m uploading, try them in 15-30mins time (wrote this at 22:40 BST/UK time).



      Update: in my rush to get the Sundae edition out, I’ve forgot to add titles! I’ll probably upload a new version later on this week.

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      Some more pics!


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      Looks like your images are broken Neems :(

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      We managed to fit in another chicken run this Friday during the Retaking Weathertop weekend long event:

      Chicken Run - Last Bridge

      Chicken Run - Ford of Bruinen

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