Week 4: Retake Weathertop

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      Calling all Eagles and Meneldor players! (see bottom for times and dates)

      Week 4 (Week commencing 4th August 2014): Retake Weathertop

      This week’s in-game assignment is to Retake Weathertop. You will be required to either film your journey or take several screen shots, while narrating over the footage and discussing week 4’s topic of remediation. You will be talking about the book, film and game! If you’re not sure about capturing video, please have a look at the support material page for further information. (Sorry about the underlining).


      Option 1:Following the quest line

      Vol I, Book 2: The Red Maid quest chain, chapters 1 to 4. (Level 22)

      Book 2, Foreward: Aiding the Order
      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Quest:Foreword:_Aiding_the_Order

      2. Chapter 1: Rise of the Orcs

      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Quest:Chapter_1:_Rise_of_the_Orcs

      3. Chapter 2: An Orc Messenger

      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Quest:Chapter_2:_An_Orc_Messenger

      4.Chapter 3: War-master Uzorr

      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Quest:Chapter_3:_War-master_Uzorr

      5.Chapter 4: Light in the Darkness

      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Quest:Chapter_4:_Light_in_the_Darkness

      Option 2: As a walkthrough- “tour”

      Note: You do NOT have to do the Vol 1 Book 2 quests to complete this assignment or this version of doing the assignment.

      What is ‘Retake Weathertop’?

      Weathertop is the great watchtower of Amon Sul. It is an instance, which can be completed either solo or in a fellowship. A ranger named Candaith enlists our help in removing the threat of Orcs from the Weather Hills.

      Option 1

      Challenge: To get to the top of Weathertop and kill the mobs and bosses you encounter on your journey.

      If in a fellowship you may need:

      Tank- Guardian, Champion, Warden or Captain.
      DPS- Captain, Hunter, Lore-master, Runekeeper or Minstrel.
      Healer- Minstrel, Runekeeper or Lore-master.

      Option 2
      Challenge: Find your way to the top of Weathertop and explore the summit.

      Note: You will NOT encounter and mobs or bosses and therefore not gain any xp.

      This can be completed solo or with a fellowship.

      Meeting place

      Option 1: Foresaken Inn, Lonelands.

      Option 2: Foresaken Inn or Candaith’s Camp, Lonelands.

      The events for this weekend (August 8-August 10) are as follows:

      Friday, 3:30pm-5pm server time: Quest help with the lovely Luringdad and Saedhillian.

      Saturday, 10am-1pm server time: Weathertop Instance Runs

      Saturday, 8pm server time: Weathertop walkthrough and party. Meet at the Forsaken Inn.

      Sunday, 10am server time: Weathertop walkthrough and party. Meet at the Forsaken Inn.

      The Eagles hope to see you there!


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      Friday event

      Eagles retaking Weathertop

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      This morning’s event

      Eagles retaking Weathertop

      In attendance:
      Uiril (Hunter), Ametrina (Burglar), Berilacgamwich (Hunter), Darimwar (Hunter), Saedhillian (Ministrel)

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      I have one during the battle – with UI on, I’m afraid…

      Fighting the troll

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        Well done for managing to get a screenshot mid battle! I’m happy if I manage to stay alive!

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      Hey guys,

      If you’re doing the video then here’s a link to mine :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PTFwMMwIdY

      I went OTT on this assignment.

      Had a great weekend Weathertopping with everyone and will add pics shortly.

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        This is an excellent video, you did exactly what the assignment wanted and more. Very detailed, will make me re-read the book to see how much I missed. I should’ve watched your video first before creating mine!

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      Hmm, which pictures?

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      Here’s some more from Today’s event. We had a whale of a time, we did a walking tour this time. Lots of dancing and fireworks at the Forsaken Inn, followed by more of the same at the summit. My favourite parts were the hide and seek, and the race back to Candy’s camp.

      Here’s photos from this morning’s event, I’ll upload the video when it’s finished loading on YouTube.

      Weathertop Sunday

      Weathertop Sunday

      Weathertop Sunday

      Weathertop Sunday

      Weathertop Sunday

      Weathertop Sunday

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      My submission for the distinction track video assignment:

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        You should be working for Naughty Dog, Blizzard or sth…That was a textbook example of how the assignment should be.

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      Luri, as always your pictures are amazing!!! I love the fireworks one and the ones of you playing your music.

      And again, your video is also fantastic. You always manage to get some great shots while on the run-I haven’t mastered that skill yet. I love the mix of stills and moving image and you cover key areas in your comparison. You’ll pass with flying colours!


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        My best tip for running footage is to follow an elf who knows where she’s going! ;) I was very lucky you were a careful driver otherwise I’d have went falling to my death!

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      Saturday’s Weathertop.

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