Week 5 (Commencing 25th May): Eaglestock-Great Barrow Thadur runs

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      Hello all,

      This is a very exciting week for us as we get to expand on our fellowship skills, which we experienced in Retake Weathertop, and fight side by side in one of the most talked about instances in the game: Great Barrows-Thadur.

      Prerequisites: To participate in this week’s activity it is advised that players should be level 20+. While the assignment only requires us to complete Thadur, if you want to do Sambrog you need to unlock it by also completing The Maze.

      1.The Maze

      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Great_Barrow:_The_Maze


      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Great_Barrow:_Thad%C3%BAr


      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Great_Barrow:_Sambrog

      Note: You do not need to travel to Barrow downs to enter the instance. However, there is a muster horn at the camp outside of the entrance. In addition, you may want to pick up or share the following quests:

      1.Quest: Purging the Dead

      Prerequisites: Calming the Wake lvl 18

      NPC: Bob Redthistle

      Location: Dead Man’s Perch, Northern Barrow-downs.

      2.Quest: Collecting History

      Prerequisites: History in the Barrow-downs quest chain-The Dead Spire (18), Digging in the Dirt (18) and Treasures of Cardolan (19).

      NPC: Tobold Leafcutter

      Location: Old Barrows Road, Northern Barrow-downs.

      3. Quest: Heading West

      Prerequisites: Need to have/obtain the Skull Key from wights inside the Great Barrow, as other wights are through the Skull doors.

      NPC: Aradia

      Location: The Great Barrow, Southern Barrow-downs.

      What is Great Barrow?

      The Great Barrow is a tomb and landmark, which can be located in Southern Barrow downs in Breeland. It has been overrun by fell spirits and is home to three world instances: Maze (20), Thadur (22) and Sambrog (24).

      Great Barrows event

      Maze Level 20+

      Daily Quests (picked up when in the instance):

      Ancient Barrow-wights- kill 20

      Ancient flames- set fire to 10 corpses

      Crawling Arms-kill 20

      Gaedring and Gaerthel-defeat

      Grim Tomb-wights

      Thadur (20/22) ASSIGNMENT

      Daily Quests (picked up when in the instance):

      Barrow-wight Bow-lords-kill 6

      Chilled Barrow-wights-kill 6

      Distributed remains

      Gaunt Battle-caller- kill 6

      Thadur the Ravager-defeat

      Sambrog (20/24) Not required for the coursera assignment.
      Note: Sambrog can only completed when the other two instances have been completed.

      Daily Quests (picked up when in the instance):

      Accursed Fell-spirit-kill 12

      Ancient flames-light 4 braziers

      Barrow-wights- kill 12 (6 must be bowmen)

      Consuming Barrow-crawler- kill 5


      Items players might want to take:

      Disease potions

      A Lore master (Proof Against All Ills skill)

      Regen. food such as rations or crams.

      Additional: Hope tokens, morale, and coffee pots or run speed.

      Aid with leveling: Tome of experience.

      Aid with deeds: Slayer deed acceleration token.

      Eagles of Thorondor do Great Barrow!

      Meeting place: Scholar’s Walk, Bree: https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Scholar%27s_Walk

      Times: Friday at 8pm and Saturday at 2pm server time (EST). If you can’t make these times, please ask in-game and I’m sure your fellow kinnies will go with you.

      Good luck and have fun!


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      We’ve had so much fun yesterday with Thadur, the Maze and Sambrog! And it was a first-timer for my bear Caylinn in a fellowship and on a GB run. :-) The quality of the pics is not great since I had to crop them from a bigger image with lots of barrow and very tiny us, but here they are anyway.

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