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      Calling all Eagles!

      Week 1(Week commencing 14th July 2014): Ad-hoc levelling activities.

      Over the course of this week the Eagles will be available to support players level up, complete deeds and gain reputation. The only prerequisite for joining in with these activities is that players need to have completed the introduction stage of the game. There is no scheduled time for this weekend’s activities. While we will be focusing on aiding those who have characters in the level 10-30 area this weekend, we can organise something for higher level players.

      Look out for the following officers who will be only too happy to help: Guivien (Leader), Kesemiel, Saedhillian, Lurigdad, Neemriel, Lhindael,Shustir, Amenhad, Gilriniel, Elenistari, Alassen and Gelluiwen.

      Keep an eye out for news about week 2 activities.

      See you in-game for some fun and games!

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      Here’s my report on Saturday’s event. I only covered Neem’s event, Kes ran another event in Celondim if anyone wants to write a report for that it would greatly appreciated!.

      Raising hell in Haudh Iarchith

      We met up at the West Gate, eyeing up one another cautiously for some of us had never fought together. And of course there was always the risk that one of the enemy’s spies might be lurking within our group.

      We ran to secret path that takes you into Northern Barrow downs. After thinning down the number of Barghests and Barrow Down Crawlers in the area we crossed into the Southern Barrow Downs.

      We went to the Dead Man’s Perch to re-group and found some travellers who had suffered great losses. We sore to avenge their love ones by dealing with the curse that was Haudh Iarchith.

      After clearing the stagnant pool that was at the foot of the tomb, we took the opportunity to record our moment in history

      CourseraWk1: Outside Haudh Iarchith

      I can tell you that, the inhabitants rued that day when we entered their abode.

      CourseraWk1: Nothing but carnage

      We showed no mercy, for we knew we would get none.

      CourseraWk1: You mess with one Eagle, you mess with all of us!

      After decimating the main tomb hall several times, we had time to take stock. We were truly blessed not to have lost any kinsperson* during our raid.

      CourseraWk1: Awkward silence when there's nothing left to kill

      * – well until they started to eat the Barrow-brie

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      That Barrow-brie is simply something else….

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