Guide To Legendary Items

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      Hamesh (Ame)

      This guide is intended for those just starting out with legendary items, or for those like me, still needing help at level 100! Many thanks to Mirveth for providing the content, and to Seremond, Saedihilian, Guivien, and Ilianore for review and comments. Suggestions for improvements always welcome!See below for Mirveth’s guide to Imbued Legendary Items.

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      This is the 2nd part of the beginner’s guide to LI: all you need to know to build your end-game LI for the first time, including imbuement.
      The credit goes to Ame for initiating these guides in a step-by-step format. Thanks also to Seremond, Saedhillian, Guivien and Ilianore for their insights.
      Please don’t hesitate to ask further questions or share your ideas in the comments.

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