Election time is here again!

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      Dear Eagles

      We’d set this electoral period to 12 months to make the election process a little simpler. However, a bunch of Eagles have requested that we hold elections to recruit more officers, of which we are in dire need. Having mulled things over, Luri has decided to step aside and open up the leadership role too. So, without further ado, we announce not just the Eagles midterms, but the whole presidential extravaganze!

      The position for Leader and supporting officers will be filled via our standard election process. In previous elections we’ve asked for a specific number of regular officers/council officers/low-responsibility watchers. This time we’ll just see who applies and work it out later.

      For leader, you need to have been in the Eagles for at least five months and have had experience as an officer in the Eagles or another kinship.

      For officer roles, you need to have been in the Eagles for at least three months. And for both types of positions, you need to have energy and enthusiasm!

      We do have a bunch of rules about behaviour, time commitments and responsibilities. They’re explained here. Please read them if you intend to stand for any of the roles.

      The schedule for elections is as follows (subject to alteration, but more or less):

      Monday 22nd January: Nominations open.
      Monday 29th January: Voting opens.
      Friday 9th February: Polls close.
      Saturday 10th February: Inauguration at the kinship party house.

      Campaigning can start immediately and continue throughout the voting period. We’re democratic, yes, but we’re trying to save some time and get those who want to be officers into their roles asap.

      To nominate yourself, add your name and campaign spiel to the nominations post in this forum. (If it turns out you’re not eligible, see the rules here, we’ll let you know and remove your nomination from the list.)

      The schedule milestones will be added to the calendar. And we will keep you updated via the forum and newsletter at each stage.

      Any questions, drop us a line at officers@eaglesofthorondor.com or use the message service in these here forums.


      Saed and Luri

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      The polls were supposed to open today, but the polling software we use on the website is allowing non-logged users to vote. (You might think that’s ok, but it would mean that anyone could vote, and as many times as they liked by using anonymous browsing. It would mean we couldn’t trust that it was really a democratic vote.)
      I need to get help from the developer of the polling software, so I’m afraid the polling booth will be closed for a little while longer.

      I’m sorry!


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