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      Hi Kinnies,

      The kinchests have been reopened for your use. An updated list of the houses, item types, and guidelines are below. Please let me know if you have any questions. :)

      Aglar, Minister of Kinchests

      Falgo’s Delf Neighborhood:
      6 Chalk Rd – Aglaralyn – Donations to be sorted + item overflow
      5 Chalk Rd – Alkanette – weapons, shields, class slot items
      2 Chalk Rd – EOT-1/Party house – party items + food
      1 Chalk Rd – Rambrand – food, potions, consumables + maps for deeds
      1 Wending Way – Enanillo – cosmetic items + dyes
      3 Wending Way – Cayrith – armor, essences, jewelry + pocket items
      4 Wending Way – Cellaphant – crafting recipes + crafting tools
      2 Pleasant St – Aglarya – rep items, class quest items, lootboxes + assorted
      2 Myrtle Ct – Minstracar – jeweler craft items + housing decs
      4 Myrtle Ct – Eagles of Thorondor Kinhouse – special craft items, cook and scholar crafting materials, deed items
      5 Myrtle Ct – Ametryna – other crafting materials

      Neighborhood map:

      Special thanks to our kinnies who have donated their homes. Thanks also to Nim, whose home has also been donated for kin use, but is being used solely for overflow at this time.

      1. Purple-level items (armor, weapons, etc.) and Major Essences will be accepted on a space-available basis. If there is no space available, the item will be returned to the donor or vendored to pay for housing maintenance. Items below purple level will not be accepted moving forward.
      2. Third Age Legendary items will not be accepted. We will keep only First and Second Age items in the kinchest.
      3. Deed items (available in Rambrand and Eagles of Thorondor houses) should be put into your bag, then placed back into the kinchest. Please be sure to return these items after use.
      4. Cosmetic items should also be returned to the chest after use.

      How to Donate:
      Send donated items to Aglara or drop off in the “to be sorted” portion of Aglaralyn’s chest (6 Chalk Rd).

      Final reminder:
      As noted in the Code of Conduct, the use of items in kinship chests is restricted to leveling craftsmen or for improving the weapons, armour, and statistics of Eagles members. Take what you need and leave the rest for our fellow Eagles. Please do not stockpile crafting materials or sell items from our kinship chests to benefit your character economically.

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