Reply To: Campaign starts today!


Hello all the campaigners. I have some questions.

– Saed is in the UK and wants to organize some Eurozone events. What about the rest of you, will you also organize events that us on the other side of the pond can participate in?

– Ame asks the question about growing the Kinship and Nim also discusses the alliance, another way of growing the extended links. There are some new very small Kins now on the new server who wish to ally with a larger kin. What do you each think of growing in this or any other way?

– Hagenti mentions playing on the creep side. I know some others do as well. Will you all be organizing events for creeps? Hagenti will you be playing more with the free people?

– Luri doesn’t want to be supreme leader for life. Do you think we can insist on it?

– This kinship is the best. If we all stick by our moto it will continue to be so. Mention of enforcing the Kin rules – how would you effect this?

See you as soon as the server is up again, blame server maintenance for my long list of questions.