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Luringdad for Leader

Dear Eagles,

I’ve been with the kinship since its creation in 2013. I was there when we needed to form the first council to look after the wellbeing of the kinship following the Coursera class* that started it all.

It’s been my honour to serve on the council several times, but now I feel it’s time to lead our merry band through today’s choppier waters.

We now face a difficult time, something that challenges all kinships from time to time.

To give you some context of what the Eagles was like in its heyday: the kinship channel would be a hive of activity, if you got stuck you could be certain several kinnies would join you to help you complete your quest. I feel that we’ve lost that shine, that wonderful sense of community we once had.

So what’s happened?

We grew apart. By that I mean without the Coursera class* to start people on the same level we end up playing at different rates. Combine this with several level cap increases and we no longer have a core of players looking for the same type of game (unless you’re 105).

We’ve tried catering to the more social players and to the endgame/raiding players. But we still haven’t found the sweet spot.

So how can we fix it?

First off there’s no quick fix. We’ve tried to ramp up recruitment and run more scheduled raids/instance events. We also formed what would become the TEB alliance to increase the number of reliable players online at any one time. These things haven’t proven to be a magic bullet. I don’t mean we shouldn’t continue with them, but we need to look at other possibilities.

I’ve thought of a number of things we could try that might help. For instance, we could hold “town hall” meetings to engage those who don’t use the forum. Streamline the workload of officers to avoid burn out. Work with incoming officers to find out what they think the kinship needs. We’ll try a number of tactics with the aim of generally invigorating the kinship.

If you agree vote Luri!

Eagles, it’s time to buff!

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