Reply To: Campaign June 2016 – What do the candidates stand for?!

Hamesh (Ame)

Hello! I’m running for a second term as council officer. I feel like I’m just now getting my feet on the ground and so would like a second term to build on what I’ve learned. I recently took on the job of tracking our recruits, promotions, and new alts. This job is one of those ‘behind the scenes’ tasks that helps keep our kinship operating so I’m glad to be contributing in this way!

Last term I worked with our webmaster to create a new forum called Eagles Tips and Tricks. Kinnies have posted a lot of very useful information in the forums, but it was hard to find. We’ve been moving and posting links in Tips and Tricks to these gems so we can access them more easily. I’ll be on the lookout for other ways to make improvements in kinship operations – I hope you’ll pass on to me any of your suggestions.

Besides helping with the operations of the kinship behind the scenes, I enjoy interacting and bantering with kinnies online! I remember the help I’ve received in kin chat and like to pass on help to others in this way.

I hope you’ll exercise your vote in our kinship democracy, and that you’ll vote for me if what i’ve said sounds good to you!

Fly high, Eagles!

‘Ame’ (Amethysl, Amerrel, Hamesh, Amelduwen, et al)