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Hello! I’d also like to step up for an officer spot, so here comes the CV!

So what to expect from a Mer officer? Well these are the axes of my campaign :P


Featured Instances: I’m an enthusiastic Featured Instance T2C runner, so whenever the FI belongs to a questpack I own, you can expect between one run and a stravaganzza of several magical runs per day.

Other endgame useful t2cs: Back when lvl 105 was cap I liked helping people through the easiest of the Osgiliath/Pelennor t2cs and, if they wanted to, introducing them to the hardest of them -never led raids though-; with the current lvl 115 scaling that is harder to do but I’m still open to it and to figuring out a new optimal instance progression path, these intentions might also benefit from the upcoming 120 cap.

Low level runs: None of my toons tend to stay beneath level cap for long, but if and when I have a lowbie toon, I’ll be up for low level runs.

All roles covered: The Mer family is proud to have a wide array of toons: tanks, healers, supporters and even DPSers, in summation, whatever an Eagles run may need.


Alas! Crafting is not my forte, with that being said, I do have fully guilded the scholar and metalsmith professions, as well having a fully developed -but not guilded- woodworker, in case they’re ever needed. Full disclaimer though, I always tend to be low on materials and those I have belong to tier 9 and beyond, so I suck even more when it comes to low level crafting.

General Help: deeds, advice, memes, world domination, etc

Deeds: As a premium player, from time to time the act of deeding is required, when that occurs a call to the Eagles is to be expected.

Narrative playing: Writing a backstory for your beloved carácter but stuck in a creative hole of uttermost despair? A question about Middle Earth lore? Mer may not have a BA on all things Tolkien, but Mer has had an intense lifelong interest on the subject and is glad to be of help.

Class and role advice: I may not have a toon of each class, but I do have a decent share of them and, from experience, know the basic tenets of each LOTRO role, so feel welcome to ask me anything and I’ll help as best I can! I’ve also been dabbling with the idea of writing 2018 updated guides for the following classes: LM, Captain (tank and support roles) and Minstrel.

Memes and world domination: ALWAYS

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