Reply To: July 2020 Nominations — OPEN!


Thanks for the nomination to the council. I would be honored to serve another term (my fourth!) in support of this wonderful kinship.

I’ll keep getting things a little bit wrong, but sometimes right. I will make myself available to help folks figure out the best way to understand their stats and advance their gear, and help them use the most efficient path on some of these crazy quest chains. I’m also available in the Moors for tutorials on monster play. I do believe that it is important for all of us to mentor each other, based on our own special observations and talents, and I will contribute to this to the best of my own feeble abilities.

I promise to always pull multiple gear pieces out of raid chests, and to completely cure everyone of lag and disconnects. In my next term, all patches will be lightning speed and will contain the answers to our fondest wishes.

And, there might just be some pie.