Reply To: Nominations are open!


Hi all,

Thanks for your posts of interest-it’s so great to see that you’re enjoying being an Eagle and want to support others.

Like most of you, I was worried about putting myself forward as I really didn’t have the answers and I usually still don’t have them ;) Lotro wiki, other sites and speaking to others has really improved my knowledge and gaming but if there’s anything I feel I’m not ‘qualified’ to answer, I’ll usually point people in the direction of who can or ask the question on our chat channels. So, what I’m trying to say is, don’t feel that to be an officer you have to know everything‚Ķthat’s just impossible (I think). Each of you will bring your own knowledge,experience, skills and talents to the officer position, which will be valuable to others.

If you’re worried about your time zones, don’t be. We are a growing international kinship and it would be great to have officers online, offering support and events, at times when most of us are unable to do so.

I feel that I can speak for the current officers and Gui, when I say that we will always be here to lend an ear or offer advice to future leaders and officers.

Hopefully you have all gone ahead and sent that important mail to Gui. Good luck!