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      Thought it was a good idea for some of us to list our alts, so our kinnies can keep track of them :)

      Azud (FKA yomauricio) – 100 Minstrel
      Almadiel – 100 Beorning
      Akhuzdah – 100 Champion
      Hagentii – 100 RK
      Asderel – 64 Warden (lvling at the moment)
      Irkalla – 31 Guardian
      Enanillo – 15 Minstrel (just made it to buy a house for the kin, no intention to lvl him)

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      Good idea, Hagenti! No need to list mine. Everyone knows a Gui when they see a Gui! ;P

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        Have been thinking maybe it’d be a good idea of list alts that are outside of the Eagles here? In that case, Guivanor is a member of Rare Breed. So now, if you see me running about on that toon you won’t think there’s something out there trying to impersonate me! I’m rarely on that character, though.


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      Good idea, Hagenti.

      Like Gui, mine all begin with “Saed” so it’s easy to spot me.

      You can add your alts to your forum profile too, if you’d like. There’s space for a good number of alts.

      Lots of kinnies also list their alts in the notes section of the social panel. It can be tricky working out who everyone is sometimes, and that’s really useful. Some kinships make it mandatory. So far in the Eagles it’s encouraged/recommended but not obligatory.

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      Thank you saed, didn’t know about the feature in the forum, will look at it.

      Concerning the player note in the social panel, I try to keep it short, so I just write “Hagenti” on all of them. I don’t even know if all my alts would fit in that short note, that’s why I made this thread.

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      I think the Members directory (newly added by Saed, thanks!) in the right side bar, which gives access to all registered members is the right place to list all our alts.
      I’m going to update mine straight away ;).

      Also, this council has now made it mandatory to list our alts (or at least your main, or a common reference, like Hagenti does) in the note field. We did that a few months ago, following some misunderstanding. There was an in-game mail, but we should have posted the change on the website too.

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        Oh, I missed that it was mandatory, thought it was still just suggested. While the most active players have already followed suit, there are still some I see online without notes. Maybe a reminder?


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