Anniversary Scavenger Hunt How-To

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      There are unique rewards for the hunts, and for some years we will do kin group runs (please ask for what you need). There are two ways to do it:

      1. If you can only play within Eriador content, do the Years marked “Eriador” (npc is Odilia).
      2. If you have access to the distant lands, do the other ones (npc is Waldo).

      See Waldo or Odilia at the Party Tree, and they will invite you to start. Click a scroll on the tree and get the list, and shop for what you want to do. You only have to do ONE quest each year, but you can choose from six. After you finish, go see the npc again to open the next tier. I haven’t tested it, but you might be able to do all the quests in a year BEFORE you have npc progress you, if ydeed completions (let me know if that works!)

      You can mix and match, doing a Travel one year, a Trifle the next, a Tale on another. But there are deeds for doing 10 Travels, 10 Trifles or 10 Tales (see wiki) so plan ahead!

      To see ALL quests, go to these links and click “QUEST CHAIN’’ tab to browse every single quest and rewards:
      1. Eriador:–_Year_One
      2. Other:–_Year_One

      We will be proposing to do some higher years as a kinship, but you must work upward from year one to qualify. Please let us know what you need. You should progress as far as you can on your own, or you will not be ready for the high level ones. Please communicate to an officer what you need.

      Let the Hunt begin!

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