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      For those who don’t know: Luri runs a Vent (voice chat) server for us, so that we can use that for raids and events. It’s generally much better than LotRO’s own voice chat options. However, we have the free version and it’s restricted to 8 users at any time.

      Luri has noticed that non-kinnies have been using our Vent server. While we don’t mind alliance members using our Vent server when they’ve been invited to do so, it’s not fair that non-Eagles use up the small number of slots we have when they’re not actively raiding with the Eagles. It potentially prevents Eagles using Vent when they need to. Eagles should come first!

      To fix this, we thought we would change the Vent password on a regular basis so that people who shouldn’t be using it find it more difficult to hijack our Vent server. We’ll send out the new password via kinship mail/in kin chat/MotD.

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      Who has been using it? That’s odd.


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