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      I have a few things to report regarding forum functionality.

      You can now add images to your posts, so feel free to include screenshots when you do event reports. Previously you had to have the image on a website somewhere and reference it or link to it. No longer!
      There’s a size limit per image and max 2 images per post. This is to keep the size of the database down, and to make sure the forum is usable by everyone. Some of our kin have less internet bandwidth than others.

      We’re getting hundreds of fake accounts created every week. I delete them as soon as I see them, but if you notice spam posts on the forums please let me know. You can email me directly at
      Moderators (that’s the permanent officers) can delete posts if they’re logged in, so please go ahead and do that if you see a spam post. Thanks!
      SPAMMERS UPDATE: I’ve switched off self-registration. That means one of the officers will have to manually add any new members. It’s only temporary until the spammers get bored and leave us alone.

      You can send messages to your kin from your or their profile page. I’ve noticed that sometimes the email alert for these messages goes into my spam folder. So if you don’t log in to the site often, check your spam!

      That’s all for now. More groovy updates in the pipeline.

      May your adventures always allow time for second breakfast.


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      That’s great news Saed! The functionality update comes in handy.

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