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      Hi, folks.

      One of the other kins has written up a good overview of how to build your character for level 115, with an eye on being raid-ready. Reposting the link here for your reading pleasure. :)


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      I love this page! So concise. I’d change one thing in regards to yellow burgs: finesse is still important in order to have tricks take effect (the page’s advice for burgs would apply to blue and red burgs, though).

      Side question: we need 115 potions, right? And those are just crafted? I’ll be working on some later, if anyone needs, please contact me. Is there a particular ”color” needed for Abyss?

      Meantime, I’m seeing things in the page that I needed to know, and I’m going to devour it during the day today. It’s great to have things mapped out where I don’t have to get all confused. Nom! Nom! Nom!

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        Re 115 potions – yes, you do need them; and yes, they’re crafted by scholars.

        For Abyss, you absolutely need wound (red) & fear (purple) pots. The other 2 can be useful on occasion, but the first two are critical.

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      I won’t be healing in the Abyss raid, but I’ve healed raids in the past and would like to offer these comments regarding incoming damage and our responsibility for our own survival.

      •Your healer cannot make up for anyone else’s shortcomings in mits, awareness, etc. Having a healer should not be a license to ignore your own health.
      •Help your healers keep focused on themselves and on the tanks by not requiring much healing yourself. Learn how your class can drop aggro for when you are too much under fire.
      •Keep your self-heal and defensive skills working all the time, by having them in your rotation. Use heals even if you don’t think you need them, as it will allow healers to ignore you in favor of the important people (which are themselves and the tanks, in that order, and few others).
      •Keep your fellowship-buffing skills rolling all the time, have those in your rotation, too, even if it doesn’t seem like anyone needs them now. Again, allows the healers to focus on the needy.
      •Use your pots and call out to others to use theirs.
      •Don’t grandstand/show off by unnecessarily pulling more mobs than the leader has requested or trying to pull aggro off the tank; this is not good for the group and not nice for the healers.
      •Don’t use skills just because you like them, without considering if they assist the group (ie, causing lag, pulling too much aggro on you).
      •Trait for some icpr. If you are constantly out of power, this will hurt the group and make you useless deadweight that the healer is having to carry. You can get more icpr from virtues.
      •Learn your “Oh sh*!” skills and use them.
      •Useful to have hunters stand behind healers and put trip wires under their feet.
      •Useful to have hunters look for ranged mobs outside the tank’s immediate area that are hitting vulnerable targets, and range-tank them down (single target only so you don’t need as much healing).
      •Remember that kiting is not only an option, sometimes it really helps the group. You can also run your mob past the tanks and let them challenge them off you but call it out. Don’t expect the tank to come to you.
      •Communicate. Healers are focused on morale bars and don’t see much else. Tanks are watching nearby mobs and are not necessarily aware of ranged mobs.
      •If the leader asks for people to use Fellowship Maneuvers for a specific color, do it. Once a CJ pops, you can count to five and then push your color, allowing for a shorter freeze. This can be a life saver for power-poor players. Some CJ’s can often be ignored, but this should be called out by leader. Yellow maneuvers are weak. Red are all but useless.

      Finally, in solo play we get so used to going full-throttle at things til they are dead. In groups, a more measured fight is better when it allows all classes to do their thing and come out alive.

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      I think I love you Sere!!! Good post, hope many will look at it.

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