Week 6 (Commencing Monday 1 June): Eaglestock Tag!

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      Dear Meneldor Courserans and fellow Eagles,

      As the chapter for Coursera session 003 is coming to an end, we would like to invite you all, any level, to join us in a huge celebration of our triumphs over the duration of the course.

      This may be a fond farewell to some of you, but we hope it’s more of a see you-in-game celebration!

      So come and join us for some giggles!

      Week 6 (Week commencing 1st June 2015): Bree Festival grounds Tag

      Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this activity.


      Notes: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Tag

      What is Tag?

      Tag is a leisure activity, a game, which all level players can enjoy. There are two types of Tag games available: Tag and Freeze Tag. Both tag arenas are close in proximity, near the Bree Festival grounds, and can be accessed at any time.

      Freeze Tag

      NPC: Biddy Dogwood

      Location: East of ruins overlooking the Hedge Maze.

      To start: Activate the Tag Beacon inside the ruins.

      How to play:

      All players need to be and remain inside the ruin walls. If the tagger steps out of the ruins the game will reset.

      The player who is “it” needs to tag another player and transfer the title of freeze tagger over by running into another player.

      Other players can rescue frozen players by standing next to them for a few seconds.

      If all players are frozen the game will stop and the “It” player is the winner.

      Eagles of Thorondor Tag!

      Meeting place: Kinship House (1 High Road, Locktry Bree Homestead)

      We will have a few activities here first: Gui’s Flea Market, best dressed (ask in-game about cosmetics or have a look on Lotro-wiki) and mount competitions and a race!
      We shall then ride to the Tag arena.

      Secondary location: Festival grounds, Breeland.

      We shall be playing freeze tag!
      Bring fireworks, rotten fruit, snowballs and any other consumables you need to throw to complete deeds!
      Optional: Pipeweed and ale.

      Event times: Friday at 8pm servertime, Saturday at 2pm servertime.

      If you have any question, please ask below or in-game.

      Looking forward to freezing you…mwaahhhaahhaa!


      The Eagles of Thorondor

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